Maudie: Movie review

Its been 50+ days of lockdown in Nepal due to pandemic and stying at home is getting very hard day by day. I can do my programming works from home, still its very hard to kill most of the time. So whats easy way to kill the time? watching movies ๐Ÿ˜‹. But before you watch a movie you have to go thorough hundreds of movies list depending upon your current mood. It’s very hard to choose movie to watch ๐Ÿ˜“. Yesterday I was going thorough Netflix movies lists and a clip from movie played. In the clip a differently able women was trying to move a bucket and a man was talking in a tough manner to the women. They were talking about the panting in the wall, those were painted by the same women. I found this very interesting. The movie was called “Maudie”.

I added that movie to my list to watch as I thought it was a sad movie and and i didn’t want to watch sad movie at that time. Today I decided to watch that movie and found that movie was very amazing in most of the aspect.

About Maud Lewis ๐ŸŽจ

Maud Lewis works on a painting in her home.

Movie is about the life of folk artist Maud Lewis from Nova Scotia, Canada. She was born with birth defects and ultimately developed rheumatoid arthritis, which reduced her mobility, especially in her hands. Despite these health issues she was able to do painting that was introduced to art by her mother. Her mother instructed her in the making of watercolor Christmas cards to sell. This skill of Lewis made her one of Canada’s best-known folk artists.

On January 16, 1938 at the age of 34, she married Everett Lewis, a fish peddler. According to Everett, she showed up at his door step in response to an advertisement he had posted in the local stores for a “live-in or keep house” for a forty-year-old bachelor. Several weeks later, they married. They lived most of her life in poverty in a small house in Marshalltown, Nova Scotia

Maud Lewis Memorial in Marshalltown.

Maud drew Christmas cards and would sell the cards for twenty-five cents each. These cards proved popular with her husband’s customers, and she began painting. Everett encouraged Lewis to paint, and he bought her her first set of oils. She achieved national attention as a folk artist following an article in the Toronto-based Star Weekly in 1964. Two of Lewis’ paintings were ordered by the White House in the 1970s during Richard Nixon’s presidency. But her ability to complete many of the orders that had come from her national recognition was limited by her arthritis.

During her last year of life, she stayed in one corner of her house, painting as often as she could while traveling back and forth to the hospital for treatment of health issues. On July 30, 1970, She died in Digby from pneumonia.

So the movie!๐ŸŽฌ

Ethan Hawke and Sally Hawkins in Maudie.

“Maudie” movie was released on 2016. The movie was amazing in different aspect: acting, cinematography, direction, story, Sets. Above all I personally loved Sally Hawkins’s acting, who was casted as Maud Lewis. Amazing performance done by Sally Hawkins, who makes you feel the pain, suffering, joy of the character. Ethan Hawke as Everett Lewis, also did great job as a tough husband who eventually fall in love with Maud.

Aisling Walsh’s direction and Sherry White’s writing were amazing who were able to show us a unusual life of Maud Lewis. But I felt that it would have been more amazing if they could have included few more parts of life before Maud started living with Everett. Nevertheless story in movie was spectacular. Next part of movie I personally love was cinematography and location (including set). Cinematographer Guy Godfree captured very impressive visuals according to the mood of story. The film showed nice locations of Newfoundland and Labrador and creative team also recreated Lewis’s famously small house, which it self was very impressive.

My opinion on movie ๐Ÿค”

I think movies are best way to showcase life of great peoples. “Maudie” movie was also able to present the amazing but very sad life of Maud Lewis. Even though the story of Maud was sad, her life teaches us about the hope and happiness on small things. Some people at that time didn’t think her painting was amazing but she continue as it gave her great pleasure and joy in life. There are many lesson we can take from this movie and life of Maud. So this is a must watch movie to experience a amazing story of a amazing person.

Have you watched this movie or know about similar movies? let me know on comment section below. Have a great time ๐Ÿ™.


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